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5 Top Gold IRA Investment Companies | Hedge Against Inflation

Find the best precious metals IRA to protect your retirement from economic crisis, inflation, and the falling dollar

Protect Your Wealth by Investing in Gold and Precious Metals

“Following the U.S. economy these days is like being on a rollercoaster blindfolded. You never know when it’ll be up or down until you’re in the middle of it!”

This unpredictability is our current economic situation, with rising inflation, a volatile stock market, and the purchasing power of the dollar sinking to all-time lows.

And unlike the roller coaster, we can’t just get off at the end of the ride.

In times of economic uncertainty like these, you need a way to protect your hard-earned investments, savings, and retirement funds, before they drop in value like the dollar through inflated prices or the devaluation of the dollar.

Photo of IRA-approved gold and silver coins and bars

How a Precious Metals IRA Account Can Diversify Your Portfolio and Hedge Against Risk

Throughout history, precious metals such as gold and silver have always been as one of the best ways to protect (or ‘hedge’) your investments during an economic crisis, particularly during times of high inflation.

In the recent 2007-2012 Great Recession, we easily remember the astounding returns made from investing in gold and silver when their value rose dramatically as housing, banking and automotive fortunes crashed.

Because gold prices generally move in the opposite direction of paper assets, adding a gold IRA to a retirement portfolio provides an insurance policy against inflation or an untimely stock market crash.

Today, it’s easier than ever to invest for your retirement through a precious metals IRA, commonly referred to as a “gold IRA.”


Bank vault door slightly open revealing gold bullion inside
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This financial instrument is a self-directed individual retirement account that allows you to invest directly in physical gold with all the tax advantages of a conventional IRA.

It’s simple to set up a gold-backed IRA and fund it by a rollover of funds from another retirement account; or, you can contribute funds directly from your earned income, subject to your current tax allowance.

You’re dealing with your life savings and retirement plan, so you’ll want to partner with the best company you can find; one that is trusted, reputable, and will not over-charge you with undisclosed fees or engage in fraudulent practices.

That’s why doing due diligence to research the top IRA companies is so important. We have compared the best gold-backed IRA companies in the market today to find the top 5 IRA providers that have great customer feedback, a transparent and simple fee structure, and exceptional customer service.

Here are the top 5 precious metals IRA companies, followed by our in-depth reviews of these trustworthy winners:

5 Top-Rated Gold IRA Investment Companies

• Comprehensive educational material
• Low annual fees
• Zero complaints since 2012
BBB A+ and BCA Triple-A ratings
• Special offers available
• High minimum deposit of $50,000
• Platinum and palladium not available

FREE Gold IRA Kit direct from Augusta PM

#2 Goldco Precious Metals - Best Customer Service

• Low annual fees
• Excellent customer service
BCA Triple-A and BBB A+ ratings
• Great buyback program
Stevie Awards 2021 Company of the Year Winner
• Special offers available
• Minimum deposit of $25,000
GOLDCO Website
FREE Gold IRA Kit direct from GoldCo

#3 Noble Gold – Best Value Gold Storage

• Best value gold IRA storage services
• Low minimum investment of $5,000
• Great customer service
• Dedicated, segregated storage in Texas
• Special offers available
• No-quibble buyback program
• Newer gold investment company than others
FREE Gold IRA Guide direct from Noble Gold

#4 Birch Gold Group – Most Experienced IRA Company

• Great customer service reputation
• Long-standing company
• Low minimum $10,000 investment
• Straightforward fees
• Promotions available
• Triple-A rating on BCA and A+ rating from the BBB
• Account setup with custodian not handled by Birch

#5 American Hartford Gold - Lowest Minimum Investment

• No minimum investment
• Low annual fees
• Excellent customer service
• Double-A rating from the BCA and A+ from BBB
• Special offers available
• Platinum and palladium are not available

How We Reviewed and Rated our 5 Best Gold IRA Investment Companies

We rated these award-winning companies by identifying the key areas that are important for you as a self-directed IRA investor in precious metals.

Through our comprehensive review process, we identified the top contenders that outperformed in all areas. Whichever firm you choose, you should have a great experience working with them to achieve your investment goals.

Excellent Customer Service

Companies must provide exceptional customer service to all clients, regardless of their investment level or investing expertise.

Pages of reviews and feedback reveal whether customer support was easily accessible and is provided in a friendly and professional manner, without pushy sales techniques.

We also checked to see whether customers felt the company representatives were knowledgeable about their products and provided suitable advice and education concerning investment in precious metals IRAs.

Smiling Gold IRA customer service agent

Good Reputation and Ratings are Vital

We checked ratings across authority bureaus such as the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), Trustlink, and the BBA (Better Business Bureau) for proof of a solid reputation.

You should also do your own research before investing. Google Reviews is a reliable place to look. Another good way to do this is to check the social proof on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see if the company has good engagement on their social accounts.

Quick and Easy Self-Directed Account Setup

Some precious metal companies take up to 60 days for a client's account to be set up, funded, and the precious metals delivered to their storage facility. Needless to say, these companies did not make our top 5 list!

A precious metals IRA account should be easy and straightforward to set up with help from the IRA consultant assigned to you. This process should take days, not weeks or months, to fund and purchase the gold bullion, coins, or other precious metals that will make up your account.

Fair and Transparent Fees

Only invest with a company when you know what all of their investment fees and policies are and when you have this list in writing.

Firms that have a flat annual fee structure are going to be less expensive in the long run, rather than a scaled fee model that grows with the size of your account. A transparent flat fee structure can make a sizable difference to your returns over the years.

Common fees associated with a precious metals-backed IRA include:

• Commissions on purchases and sales
• Setup fees when first opening the account
• Custodian fees
• Storage fees for safely holding your precious metals in a secure vault
• Annual maintenance fees to keep your account running from year to year

Large gold letters spelling FEES with some scattered gold coins.

A Good Selection of IRS-Approved Gold and Precious Metal Products

Not all precious metal products are suitable for inclusion in a metals IRA. A definitive list of IRS-approved coins and bullion will help you decide which ones you want to hold in your retirement account that will provide liquidity later on. You may decide to cash some of them in after age 72 to meet your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) or in the event of a crisis. In either case, you can decide to cash them in for fiat currency or take possession of the physical metals, so youll want to consider these scenarios when deciding on your purchase of coins and/or bars.

All of our top 5 precious metals companies provide access to a diverse range of gold and other precious metal coins and bullion that are suitable for inclusion in your individual retirement account.

When you contact a company, ask your assigned IRA consultant about their products, but watch out for any that try to offer you collectibles or numismatic coins that yield very high profits for the agents, but not for you. Many of these types of coins are not approved by the IRS and are not suitable for your IRA account.

A Reliable Buyback System in Place

Investing in gold is a long-term financial strategy. Though its unlikely that youd set up a precious metals IRA and expect to liquidate any of those assets before retirement, life can sometimes have other ideas.

Your circumstances may change, or a new opportunity may present itself, and you may need to access your investment by selling some of the precious metals you hold.

All of the firms on our list operate a buyback system with transparent pricing that offers a quick and simple process to sell your gold. Just contact your IRA specialist to get a buyback price when youre ready to make the transaction.

As with any investment, precious metal prices fluctuate. But you can be sure that each of these top 5 companies will provide the best value trades.

Keep in mind that there is a penalty imposed by the IRS if you cash out any of your retirement funds before reaching the age of 59 ½ years, which will need to be factored into any returns you get from selling your precious metals.

Trusted Custodians and Secure Storage

A gold IRA is required to be administered by a custodial company that handles all the paperwork and tax reporting for the account.

Most of our featured companies will work with any reputable IRA custodian of your choice. But they usually have two or three custodians they have vetted and recommend as a trusted partner.

Often the custodian will have their own set of fees that you need to take into account, and we have noted where this applies in our company reviews.

The custodian takes care of arranging the safe storage of your precious metals in a government-approved location with heightened security and monitoring. Additional fees may be incurred, depending on the type of storage you choose (segregated or unsegregated), and whether it is located in the U.S or internationally.

Ideally, any fees should be a flat rate and not on a sliding scale related to the size of the deposit, unless your holdings are small and it makes sense to benefit from a lower fee. Also, find out if these charges include shipping and insurance that youll need to guard against loss or theft.


Augusta Precious Metals Review - Best Overall

Augusta Precious Metals, based out of Casper, WY, and Beverly Hills, CA, gets our vote for Best Customer Service.
Gold IRA further information icon
Established in 2012, the mission of Augusta Precious Metals is to “help every client protect their retirement with gold and silver premium coins and bullion.” They work hard to achieve this pledge through a dedicated team of gold and silver experts who look after clients during the lifetime of their investment.

Augusta provides a free Gold IRA Guide. They also offer free one-on-one webinars to answer any questions you have.

Exceptional Customer Service and Reviews

With an A+ rating from the BBB and a Triple-A score from BCA, Augusta comes out ahead with the best customer service, exceptional feedback, and zero customer complaints on file at the Better Business Bureau.

Reviews across all the external sites we monitor are overwhelmingly positive. Their claim of having the some of the most knowledgeable and experienced specialists in the industry is backed up by their clients’ enthusiastic reviews.

Simple to Open an Account

Augusta makes it easy to open a precious metals IRA with a streamlined process that gets new clients set up in a matter of days.

Vetted Gold IRA Custodian Services and Storage

The company has a vetted list of reliable custodians who act as a liaison with your chosen provider. Their preferred storage facility is the Delaware Depository, although they work with other storage services in various locations, including New York, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City.

Augusta Costs & Fees

Costs and fees may vary according to your specific requirements, and your assigned IRA consultant will let you know the current schedule of fees. As a reference, here are the most widely reported fees at the time of writing:

Minimum Purchase Requirement - $50,000 minimum
Annual account fee - $80 plus a $50 setup fee
Storage fees - depending on the storage location, approximately $100 annually
Custodian Fee - approximately $75-$200 per year, which varies by custodian

Gold and Silver Investments Only

Augusta deals only in gold and silver products, so clients will not be able to invest in platinum and palladium.

Gold and silver investments available include bullion bars and coins such as the Gold American Buffalo 1oz, and the Austrian 1 oz Gold Philharmonic. The company provides guidance to ensure that purchases of precious metals are IRS-approved for precious metal accounts.

Competitive Buyback Service

The company has a great reputation for offering clients a competitive price when it comes to selling the precious metal coins and bullion that they hold in their self-directed account. By law, they are not allowed to guarantee this buyback service, but historically, they have always honored it.

Augusta Special Offers and Promotions

We found several promotions that Augusta Precious Metals has offered in the past, depending on the size of the account:

• All fees paid for the lifetime of the account
• Up to 10 years of fees waived for new clients
• Free storage for up to 5 years

To find out about any special offers running currently, you can chat with a retirement account specialist when you order their free gold retirement kit.

Goldco Review - Best Gold IRA Customer Service

Goldco Precious Metals, based in Woodland Hills, CA, tops our list as the overall leader when it comes to choosing a gold investment company.

Founded in 2006, Goldco specializes in providing self-directed IRAs funded by any combination of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. With over 15 years of experience in helping new and seasoned investors, the firm has expert knowledge in gold investing and provides a top-notch brokerage service.

Goldco provides a comprehensive free Gold IRA Kit to help you get started.

Outstanding Customer Service and Reviews

Goldco is known for excellent customer service and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) plus a Triple-A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Particular praise is given for the customer representatives and their knowledge of the different products provided by the company.

Only a couple of reviews mentioned customer confusion about how the precious metals market works and the way values are calculated. However, Goldco quickly responded by working with the customers to resolve mix-ups and provide relevant information and resolution.

Easy Account Setup

Clients love Goldco for the expert guidance they provide in setting up an account with a simple 4-step process.

  1. Complete a quick application form.
  2. Choose how to fund the gold-backed IRA with a rollover and/or allowed deposits.
  3. Select the metals that best fit your investment goals from their catalog of IRS-approved bullion and coins.
  4. The company assists you in rolling over or transferring from existing retirement accounts into your self-directed precious metals IRA account.

Goldco IRA products and services currently available include:

• Gold IRA
• Silver IRA
• 401(k) Rollover
• Planning a Traditional and Roth IRA

Trusted Storage and Custodian Services

Goldco works closely with vetted custodial and storage partners to provide complete end-to-end service, with a single point of contact for orders and instructions.

Goldco Costs and Fees

Your personal Goldco consultant will inform you of their current fee schedule. For comparison purposes, here are the latest figures we have:

Minimum Investment Requirement - recommended $25,000 minimum.
Annual account fee - $175 for up to $100,000; $225 for larger accounts.
Storage fees - These will depend on the custodian and depository used, but typically will be in the range of $100 - $150 per year.
Custodian Fee - Varies by custodian company. Goldco has negotiated special rates with their preferred suppliers, typically between $75-$200 per year.

Access to Full Range of Approved Precious Metal Products

Goldco provides access to a diverse range of IRS-approved precious metal products, including gold and silver bars, gold American Eagle coins, gold Maple Leaf coins, as well as platinum and palladium coins and bars.

The IRA specialists are always on hand to ensure any purchases you make are listed as suitable to hold in your gold retirement account.

Great Buyback Service for Easy Liquidity

When it’s time for you to start taking age-based distributions, Goldco will sell the physical gold or precious metals through the metals markets, or buy back the metals themselves, to get the best price for the customer. You may also receive your distributions as physical coins or bullion.

Goldco Special Offers and Promotions

Goldco often has special promotions running, such as:

• First-year fees waived for accounts over $50,000
• 5% worth of free metals back for orders over $50,000
• One year of storage fees reimbursed for every $25,000 invested

When you order your free gold IRA Kit, you can also chat with a client service agent who will let you know about their current promotions:

Noble Gold Review - Best Value Gold IRA Storage

One of the newcomers to this industry, Noble Gold stands out as the Best Value Storage by partnering with a storage company to provide premium segregated storage at a fee of $150 annually.

Formed in 2017 and based out of Pasadena, CA, Noble was created by two friends with over 25 years of shared investment experience who were concerned with the lack of transparency and customer focus in the gold investment industry. They decided to create a company with the vision of educating their clients on how to wisely safeguard their retirement savings through precious metals. Judging by their fast-growing results and enthusiastic reviews, that’s exactly what they’ve achieved.

Noble has produced a free Guide to Gold IRA investing that gives an overview of their services.

Excellent Customer Service and Reviews

Being a newer company, Noble had fewer reviews on the sites we monitor. But overall, clients report a positive experience with the company and with their customer support representatives.

Noble has already been given an ‘A’ rating from the BBB and a Double B from the BCA, so they are on the right track.

Quick Account Setup

Setting up a precious metals IRA with Noble is quick and easy with most applications taking just a few days from start to finish. New customers first complete an online application form, and one of Noble’s investment experts will be in touch within 24 hours to complete the account setup.

Respected Custodial Services and Dedicated Storage

Noble is one of the few companies that have partnered directly with a storage repository and is currently the only company to have a facility in Texas, which provides segregated storage as part of the standard price. However, like some other gold IRA companies, Noble does not provide custodial services themselves.

Low Costs and Fees

Your assigned IRA consultant will inform you the current fees; meanwhile, we have compiled some recent figures to give you an idea of their charges.

Minimum Purchase Requirement - $5,000 minimum investment.
Annual account fee - $80 annual account fee
Storage fees - Delaware depository $125/year, Texas depository $150/year
Custodian Fee - approximately $75/year but varies by custodian

All IRS-Approved Precious Metal Products Available

Noble provides access to IRS-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products including bullion, bars, and coins.

Noble’s No-Quibble Buyback Service

If your circumstances change, the company offers an excellent no-quibble buyback service to every client when they choose to sell some of their precious metal holdings. When it’s time to start taking distributions from your IRA, their buyback program will give you a fair price so that you don’t have to find a buyer yourself; or you may choose to have your physical coins or bars shipped directly to you without exchanging them for dollars.

Special Deals Available

Noble often runs promotions as an incentive for new clients. Some of their past offers include:

• Free 5 oz. of silver
• Monthly welcome gift
• 10% discount on fees
• Free gift cards for online retailers

When you order Noble’s free gold investing kit, you can also chat with a company agent directly to learn about eligibility for any of their current promotions.

Birch Gold Group Review – Most Experienced Gold IRA Company

Among our Top 5, the trustworthy Birch Gold Group is the longest-established individual retirement account company.

Founded in 2003 in Burbank, CA, Birch is one of the most respected firms in the industry and prides itself on providing education and advice to clients before they make any decisions about investing in precious metals.

Birch offers a free gold IRA investing kit that you can claim here.

Top-Rated Customer Service and Reviews

With their focus on client education, this company has earned a Triple-A rating on BCA and an A+ rating from the BBB.

Reviews across numerous independent sites are overwhelmingly positive. The few complaints are quickly responded to by BGG and resolved satisfactorily. Customer confusion mainly revolves around a misunderstanding of the way the metals market works, especially the value of coins and collectibles.

Assistance with a Precious Metals Account Setup

Although Birch Gold does not handle the application themselves, they work closely with the customer and their chosen custodian (Equity Trust is their preferred partner) to facilitate account set-up quickly and efficiently.

Reputable Storage and Custodian Services

Like many precious metals IRA companies, BGG doesn’t provide custodian or storage services themselves, but they partner with vetted, IRS-approved storage companies to provide seamless service.

For custodians, they recommend Equity Trust or Strata Trust; and for storage, Birch Gold works with Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services.

Reasonable Costs and Fees

Your assigned IRA consultant will inform you about their current fees and promotions. Additionally, their website lists some typical fees using their recommended partners.

Minimum Purchase Requirement - recommended $10,000 minimum investment
Annual account fee - $50 one-time setup fee
Storage fees - $100 per year
Custodian Fee - $100 per year

Full Selection of IRS-Approved Bullion and Coins

Birch Gold provides a wide range of bullion and coins in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium suitable for holding in your IRA, including American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Twin Maple Leaf (2 oz) coins, Platinum American Eagle coin, palladium bars, and rounds from approved mints and refiners.

Comprehensive Buyback Service

Birch Gold’s buyback program offers a competitive price for their precious metal assets once you start taking distributions from your IRA, or if you need to sell some early due to a change in circumstances.

Birch Gold Special Offers

Birch Gold often has a special promotion running to attract new customers. Some past offers include:

• Free $10,000 in precious metals with a qualifying purchase
• Fees waived for the first year for IRAs over $50,000
• $1,000 in free silver depending on amount of investment

When you order your free investing kit, you can also ask their customer agent questions about qualifying for their current promotions.

American Hartford Gold Review - Lowest Minimum Investment

Our top 5 gold IRA list also includes American Hartford Gold, which stands out for the Lowest Minimum Investment Required, making this company attractive to newer investors.

Established in 2015, AHG is a family-owned company that aims to empower both new and experienced precious metals investors by providing top-of-the-line help, advice, and information.

It’s worth mentioning here that American Hartford has no minimum investment requirement, so you can set up an account with them even if you’re starting out with a small amount to invest.

Claim their free Gold and Silver Information Guide for details on how to get started.

Great Reviews and Customer Service

The family-run principles of the company shine through in their customer service , garnering many positive reviews across the sites that we monitor.

The few complaints were resolved promptly, earning them a Double-A rating from the BCA and an A+ rating from the BBB.

Quick and Easy Account Setup

American Hartford prides itself on their quick and simple process to set up an account and their established relationship with Equity Trust as the custodian for their precious metal IRA products. They state that your account will be set up within 24 hours. Depending on the custodial service that is transferring the funds, your account is usually funded within 3-5 days.

Trusted Storage and Custodian Services

As with our other top precious metal firms, American Hartford does not provide custodial or storage services, but works closely with its preferred partners to provide this service for their clients.

As with our other top precious metal firms, American Hartford does not provide custodial or storage services, but works closely with its preferred partners to provide this service for their clients.

For custodial services, they use Equity Trust, and for storage, they work with Delaware Depository, Brinks Global Services, and IDS.

Lowest Minimum Investment and Simple Fees

Costs and fees can vary depending on their active promotions, and your IRA consultant will walk you through their up-to-date information. Here are some of the recent costs and account requirements:

Minimum Purchase Requirement - no minimum
Annual account fee - $50 one-time setup fee
Storage fees - approximately $100/year depending on the storage company
Custodian Fee - $75-$200/year depending on the custodian

Gold and Silver Products Only

American Hartford currently offers only gold and silver products for their precious metal IRAs, but has a large selection of IRS-approved bullion bars and coins available.

American Hartford Buyback Commitment

The firm offers all clients a buyback commitment and provides a 3-step liquidation process that is quick and simple, with no fees for the service. They encourage clients to always contact them first when they want to sell assets so they won’t pay more for outside services.

Past Promotions and Special Deals

American Hartford often has a special deal or promotion running in a bid to attract new clients. In the past these have included:

• $1,500 and up to $5,000 in free silver with a qualifying purchase
• No fees for 3 years

When you order your free investment kit below, you can also chat with American Hartford client consultant about eligibility for their current promotions.

Why Augusta Precious Metals Shines as the Overall Best Gold IRA Company

There are a number of reasons why Augusta earned our respect as the top gold investment company in our review of the five best companies. Augusta offers a great customer experience, easy account set up, access to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, and a rock-solid reputation.

Their very reasonable flat rate account fees and generous special offers make for a very competitive package.

As with all our top companies, clients need to be aware that Augusta does not provide custodial or storage services in-house, which may result in additional fees. However, they work closely with trusted providers, so that clients only need to work with their Augusta IRA consultant and their famous “white-glove” service.

Claim Your Free Gold IRA Kit

Click on the company logos below to learn more and order free information kits from these trusted gold investment leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gold IRAs

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA, also known as a gold-backed IRA or a precious metals IRA, is a self-directed individual retirement account that allows you to invest in gold or precious metals rather than stocks and bonds.

You benefit from the same tax advantages with a precious metals IRA as with a conventional IRA. It can be handled either as a traditional IRA, which allows investors to purchase precious metals with pre-tax dollars that will be taxed only when disbursed, or as a Roth IRA, using post-tax dollars to invest in gold that will not be taxed on withdrawal.

Even though the account is often referred to as a gold IRA, you may hold other types of IRA-approved precious metals in your account, such as silver, platinum, and palladium.

Gold bullion bars resting on a chart showing gold prices rising

What is a Gold IRA Rollover?

A gold IRA rollover is the most popular method investors use to fund their precious metals investment, and the rollover is available when you first open a new self-directed IRA account.

A rollover involves taking some or all of the funds from your conventional IRA or other retirement accounts, such as a 401(k), and transferring (or rolling over) those funds into your new gold-backed IRA.

By transferring assets from existing retirement accounts, investors can lock in the gains they may have already made and transfer some of that wealth into precious metals for more security and protection against economic collapse.

If done following the IRS tax guidelines for IRA rollovers and transfers, this transfer can be achieved without tax penalties in most cases.

How to Move a 401k to a Precious Metals IRA Without Penalty?

The first step in moving your 401(K) to a gold IRA without incurring a penalty is similar to transferring funds from any IRA provider. Talk with your assigned gold IRA consultant to understand how long it will take and what fees may be involved, if any.

Your current IRA company may take a long time to transfer the funds since they know they are losing you as a client, so it’s best to find out how much time it will take. Also, you can request a direct rollover from custodian-to-custodian to avoid delays or complications. Funds must be transferred within 60 days of requesting the rollover or you may face penalties and additional taxes when you take distributions later on.

There will be forms to complete, but all of our top-rated IRA companies will guide and assist you with this step so that it’s completed quickly and efficiently. In most cases, they will do all the legwork for you and handle the entire process.

Is it Smart to Invest in Gold Right Now?

Investing in gold and other precious metals has been a tried and tested way to safeguard your existing wealth against inflation, fluctuating interest rates, and economic turmoil.

With the current value of the dollar declining and a very uncertain economic outlook, right now gold is one of the best ways to diversify and protect your retirement portfolio. It comes with the potential for growth in the most difficult economic downturns that you will not find in most other forms of physical investment assets.

Investing in a gold-backed IRA allows you to take advantage of all the tax breaks of a normal individual retirement account, deploying the power of using pre-tax dollars to purchase and hold coins and bullion, while deferring taxes on any gains for many years, or even decades.

Photo showing pure gold and silver coins

What are the IRS Tax Rules for Self-Directed Retirement Accounts?

The tax rules for self-directed retirement accounts are the same as traditional independent retirement accounts. You may invest both pre-tax (traditional IRA) and post-tax (Roth IRA) dollars, defer paying tax until you take distributions, and roll over your existing retirement assets with no tax penalties.

The same distribution rules for a conventional IRA apply to a gold IRA, except the final one:

• Annual contributions limited to $6,000 till age 50, and $7,000 for over-50s
• At age 72, the required minimum distribution (RMD) must be taken
• Early withdrawals may incur a 10% penalty and additional taxes
• Distributions from age 59.5 years
• Receive distributions in cash or physical bars and coins.

What is IRS-Approved Gold?

Gold IRA company website iconThe U.S. Internal Revenue Service only allows specific gold, silver, platinum, or palladium coins and bullion bars to be held in a precious metals IRA or a gold Roth IRA. It’s very important to make sure that any investments you make in coins and bullion meet the IRS guidelines and eligibility.

For example, purity or fineness levels must be at least:

• Gold | .9950
• Silver | .9990
• Platinum | .9995
•Palladium | .9995

Note that some US Mint coins may not meet the required purity levels, but may still eligible for holding in a self-directed retirement account.

You can purchase your gold, silver, and other metals in the form of bullion bars and coins, but always check to make sure the particular product you’re interested in meets the IRS requirements.

All of our Top 5 Gold IRA Companies will assist and guide you when making investments to ensure the assets you buy are allowed by the IRS.

Note: Many ‘collectible’ or ‘numismatic’ coins are not eligible for holding in a precious metals IRA.

Click the links below for FREE starter kits from each of the top-5 gold IRA companies:

Risk Disclosure: All investments including precious metals, such as gold and silver, involve risk and you may get less back than what you put in. Always consult a licensed professional financial advisor before investing your money. Consumers should be aware that past performance does not guarantee future returns.

Disclaimer: The owners of this website may be compensated for recommending certain companies, products, and services. While we endeavor to make sure all our content is accurate, the information we provide may not be neutral or independent and does not constitute financial advice.

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